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F lyball Team


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Instant Replay is a flyball team based in Southern Ontario. We are serious competitors who make racing lots of fun. Our dogs are our #1 priority and flyball is our passion. We are one of the longest racing teams in NAFA’s Region 2. 

In addition to competing and hosting tournaments, we are also involved in half-time shows. See our demos on the Pictures tab! 

Flyball is a team relay race for dogs. Two teams of four dogs compete against each other to win 3 of 5 heats. It is a game of speed, accuracy and strategy. Electronic timing is used to calculate total team times, individual dog times, variances in starts, and early passes (the dog currently running must pass the light beam before the dog about to run).

Our NAFA official best time as of July 2017 is 14.734 seconds.

For questions or comments, please email Tammy Frank

Interested in entering a tournament or looking for our flyball team to do a demo at your event?  Contact us using the form below:


Thanks! Message sent.

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